Resources and Links

Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association
MISSION STATEMENT - To safeguard the public interest of Nova Scotians through the regulation of Veterinary Medicine, while advancing and promoting the profession

NS Animal Protection Act
An Act to Protect Animals and to Aid Animals that are in Distress

Baddeck & Area Cat Rescue Society
A group of volunteers who are committed to reducing the population of feral cats, finding new homes for abandoned cats and assisting people with the cost of neutering their pets in Baddeck and surrounding area.

The Cape Breton SPCA

The EVTA is a non-profit and non-union organization whose emphasis is on the advancement of Animal Health Technicians/Technologists (AHT)/ Veterinary Technicians (VT) /Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT) as part of their profession so that they may better serve the animal care field.

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
The voice of the Canadian veterinary profession in promoting animal welfare and One Health, to ensure optimal care for animals, people and the environment.